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Rememberance of D-Day

Last week, we commemorated the 80th anniversary of the D-Day operation, honoring the brave men and women from diverse nations, races, and backgrounds who united to confront tyranny and fascism head-on. 


Their courage and sacrifice secured the freedoms we cherish today. But the work to protect democracy didn't end on the beaches of Normandy—it's a responsibility we must uphold every single day. 


And right now, that responsibility is more critical than ever here in Texas.


The outcome of this race in TX-26 could tip the balance of power in Congress and help determine the future of our nation.


From the beaches of Normandy to Capitol Hill, the work for democracy has always required the courage and commitment of patriots willing to stand up and serve. As a decorated Navy veteran, I've been proud to carry on that tradition for decades.

When I graduated college with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and was commissioned as a naval officer 36 years after D-Day, I knew I was part of something larger than myself—a sacred duty to protect the freedoms our veterans had fought and died for.


And when I stood on the deck of the USS MISSISSIPPI CGN40 during the 40th-anniversary celebration of D-Day I felt the weight of that history and the importance of carrying the torch forward.


Now, 80 years after those brave soldiers stormed the beaches, I'm still working to preserve American democracy—this time, as the Democratic nominee for Texas's 26th Congressional District. Because the work for freedom didn't end in 1944, and it doesn't end today. 


But while I've been working to defend our democracy, my opponent, Brandon Gill, has been actively working to undermine it. 


MAGA Brandon Gill has built his political career on the dangerous lie that the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump—a claim that has been thoroughly debunked by countless courts, election officials, and even Trump's own administration. But that hasn't stopped him from spreading this conspiracy theory disinformation far and wide. 


He launched a pro-Trump news site and even worked on a discredited documentary, 2000 Mules, which peddled false claims of widespread voter fraud. And he continues to stoke the flames of doubt and division, recently stating, "I think that the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump."


Let's be clear: These are not the actions of a person committed to upholding our democratic values. They are the tactics of someone willing to sacrifice the integrity of our elections for political gain. And they represent a direct threat to democracy.


And it's not just Gill. The Texas Republican Party as a whole is embracing an increasingly extreme and anti-democratic stance. They've even proposed banning members of their own party from running for office if they aren't radical enough—a move that prioritizes ideological purity over voters' fundamental right to choose their representatives.


This is a dangerous and deeply troubling trend, and it's one that we must confront head-on. That's why our mission in TX-26 is so critical. By reaching out to hundreds of thousands of voters and flipping this seat, we can send a powerful message that the people of Texas reject extremism and stand firmly on the side of democracy.


As a leader with decades of experience defending our democracy, I'm ready to take this work to Congress. But I can't win this critical race without your support. 


Your contribution isn't just a gift to my campaign; it's an act of courage and patriotism that will echo throughout the country. 


Your donation will allow us to expand our voter outreach efforts, hire more organizers on the ground, and run hard-hitting ads that expose Brandon Gill's lies and extremism. Every dollar you give is a direct investment in the future of our democracy.


Imagine waking up the day after the election to the news that we've won. 

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