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Better Things Coming

In North Texas this week, we had a community shared experience with the solar eclipse. It wasn't political. It wasn't misinformation or alternate facts. It went pretty much on schedule and as expected. The day went dark and then back to light. No harm done.

I was working from home (to avoid what I had heard was going to be bad traffic due to eclipse seeking vacationers) and stepped out a few minutes before the event. I was surprised to find many of my neighbors out in their yards waiting to see the eclipse. We talked about the eclipse and other things. Weddings, babies on the way, other family events. It was nice to catch up with the unexpected social event hosted by the big event in the sky.

If you were to look around my neighborhood, you wouldn't see much evidence about the issues facing our communities and nation today. However, on the inside many people are on edge for various reasons. Women's rights to manage their own reproductive health care and not be locked out of important health care options. Affordability and access to all types of health care and medications. International affairs. Many parts of the world are really suffering. We live in such a diverse community that many of my neighbors are not far removed from others who are really suffering.

The future is uncertain. Congress seems to be having a lot of difficulty. The Democrats seem ready to lead and take care of business, but they lack a majority by a few seats. The Republicans have a majority, but are paralyzed by three things. 1. They refuse to work with the Democrats in enough numbers to make a difference. 2. They refuse to work between themselves as they are separated in to two major factions. 3. Former President Trump has the loyalty of enough of them in leadership positions to prevent good things from happening.

So, what's the big deal? Well, congress really has a lot of important work to do.

Establish a national budget. Nope. We have been going from one continuing resolution to another, just barely keeping the money on time to avoid a government shutdown. This causes the US to not look like the strong country that pays its bills. That causes the credit rating of the USA to go down. That causes us to pay a higher interest rate on our $34Trillion national debt.

Fund the needed weapons and aid transfers to Ukraine to help stop the Russian invasion. Ukraine seems a long ways away. But it is very close to many of our allies and trading partners. Standing up to Russia by sending this support is pennies on the dollar cheaper than waiting until the Russians advance further, and doesn't cost American lives. Plus by not supporting Ukraine, we bring into question will we support any of our friends? If China thinks 'No', then what is to make them think twice about invading Taiwan? North Korea attacking South Korea? And more. We already have more than enough war and conflict. We need to be a strength for peace. Now, we are immobilized and unresponsive. It is being noticed.

People's rights are under attack. Voting rights are the most serious, because without free and fair access to voting, and your vote counting for something, we don't have a democracy. Without that, we cannot protect our important rights and freedoms. Racism, bigotry, indifference will come out of the dark places and take away our freedoms and replace them with fear.

But the title was 'Better Things Coming'. That is because it has gotten bad enough. It is no longer fun or funny. This isn't the 1960's with silly hippies protesting against the Vietnam war. The bulk of the American people have seen the problem of leaders who have no idea nor concern for consequences. Consequences that we will have to pay regardless if they ever will. We are tired of the misinformation. We are tired of seeing our great common good used for no good at all. We are tired of the real hurt and harm that has already been done, with much more to follow if MAGA extremists have their way.

So, I'm meeting a lot of active Democrats, Democrats who don't always vote, but sure will this time, and Republicans who just can't take the lies and the hate anymore. Texas is not a Red state. Yes, the current number of Republican's in office is higher than the Democrats. And Texas has voted for the Republican presidential candidate over the Democrat repeatedly. But more and more people are realizing this isn't a game. They been lied to and cheated. They have been harmed. They will no longer just sit back and let it roll.

Bad things happen when good people sit back and do nothing. Well, Texans have now realized and in large numbers that what might have seemed good was really bad. Trump, Cruz, Van Dyne and more of the MEGA MAGA's. Come October early voting and the November General Election day... their ship will be sailing... and not back to D.C.

Better Things are Coming.

It will take a lot of work to keep more and more Texans seeing that "They can work with the Democrats, but they can't live with the MAGA Republicans."

Better Things Coming.

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