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Republican Voters are jumping ship

Every few weeks, I see another story about a lifelong Republican endorsing President Biden. The most recent endorsement comes from former Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan. 

Duncan penned an op-ed explaining his decision. He wrote, “This November, I am voting for a decent person I disagree with on policy over a criminal defendant without a moral compass… Republicans like me [have] no choice but to pull the lever for Biden.” 

I’ve met many Republicans like Geoff Duncan—good, moral people who think decent character should be a prerequisite for the most important position in the world.

Some tell me that they feel things have flipped. The Republicans used to be about values and personal character. Now, it seems they are bolder about discriminatory policies and forfeiting America’s position in world leadership.

They don’t think Donald Trump has the moral compass required for the job. I’m not sure my opponent does, either.

I’m running for Congress to serve my community and to take care of and protect American families. This is my home, and that’s why I’m here. As a naval officer, I’m sworn to support and defend the Constitution. As your congressman, I’ll be equally sworn to support and defend all of my constituents.

In all honesty, I’m not sure why Brandon Gill is in this race.

In one speech, he talks about his support for former President Trump, his belief that the 2020 election was stolen and that abortion should be 100% abolished. I don’t see any of those things as positives for our community or the country. 

With all of the dysfunction in the split Republican-majority Congress today, does anyone think that replacing Dr. Michael Burgess with a Trump-supporting, MAGA extremist is going to solve the problem?

The answer is NO. We need to make Better Choices for our government like we would in our own lives, especially when voting for our congressperson.

I am a statesman who will take the needs of my community and my country to work with me every day. I will communicate and compromise to reach agreements and make real improvements on important issues. The Better Choice to get Congress back to the people’s business is clear.

When I was 30, as a nuclear trained surface warfare officer, I had already completed a two-year tour of duty on the nuclear powered aircraft carrier, USS NIMITZ, and another on the nuclear powered guided missile cruiser, USS MISSISSIPPI. These were years of service with long hours and few personal comforts, doing important work that required diligence and teamwork.

Gill moved back to TX-26 just two years ago, leaving behind his work as an investment banker and his wealthy pals in New York City. The Better Choice for Service is clear.

I think it takes more to run for Congress than an endorsement from Donald Trump, a man that even Republicans can see has no respect for our laws or our country. I’m doing everything I can to stop another wealthy MAGA extremist from getting control of this House seat.


I need to reach every Republican voter who, like Geoff Duncan, might be disappointed in his Republican candidates like Brandon Gill. I need to let them know that they truly have a Better Choice, and that is to vote for me, Ernest Lineberger for TX-26. I can only do it with your support.

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