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Republicans Don't Have the Experience

This week, the national political stage has once again been defined not by how Congress is helping everyday Americans but by Republicans’ unwillingness to work together.

This time it’s Marjorie Taylor Greene's attempt to oust Speaker Johnson. What will it be next time?

It seems like this GOP dysfunction is on continuous display in DC, and I know my opponent Brandon Gill won’t make it any better.

Like Greene, Brandon Gill has a long history of disruptive tactics, and both have promised to be the most pro-Trump members of Congress.

It’s clear Greene’s only goal is to intensify the partisan strife that is already too common in our government, and Gill has done the same in Texas by denying the 2020 election and spreading other wild conspiracies. 

I hate to say it, but I think Republicans have been in the minority for so long that they’re too inexperienced to lead. Their return to power has been marked not by progress but by paralysis. 

They have left good governance and hard-working Texans behind and instead focus on political theater and policies that are detrimental to our communities.

And Marjorie Taylor Greene and Brandon Gill aren’t the only problem…

I am proud to support Sam Epler running against Rep. Beth Van Dyne in TX-24, Sandeep Srivastava against Rep. Keith Self in TX-03, and Dr. Kristin Hook against Rep. Chip Roy in TX-21— who sided with Greene during the tumultuous Speaker fight.

These MAGA Republicans continue to hurt Texas families more than they help. Their playbook is always the same: push extreme policies and gridlock government when they don’t get their way – or when Donald Trump tells them to. 

Across Texas, GOP allegiance to Trump over all else has led to years of Congressional leadership defined by confusion instead of common-sense solutions. 

We have the power to elect leaders who prioritize collaboration over confrontation and who understand that effective governance is built on compromise and mutual respect.

As your candidate, I am not just running to represent TX-26. I am working hard to build a coalition of like-minded Democrats across North Texas so that together, we can stand against the tide of extremism that has repeatedly brought Congress to a standstill and increasingly threatens the fabric of our democracy. 

This election will be a statement about the type of leadership we want in Texas and nationwide. I’m offering a Better Choice than another Republican who will fight with his colleagues instead of working for us.

We need leaders who will work for a fair economy, accessible healthcare, and a safe environment for our children. We need representatives who understand that their duty is to serve all of us, not just an ex-president facing eighty-eight criminal charges. 

We have a chance to reject the divisive politics of MAGA loyalists and elect thoughtful, principled leaders who are committed to real progress and seeing our friends and neighbors thrive. 

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