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Why Texas Needs to Expand Medicaid

Texas is home to more uninsured Americans than any other state.

What if I told you that Texas could get $5 billion in government funding annually and provide health insurance to 1.4 MILLION uninsured Americans? That sounds like a win-win, right?

Three years ago, Texas Democrats introduced legislation that would finally expand Medicaid coverage and provide relief to most of the 18 percent of Texans who live without affordable healthcare.

Only one Republican voted in favor of the bill, and it failed. 

In the three years since that vote, accessing healthcare services in Texas and other states has only grown more difficult.

The first barrier is the one we tried to solve in 2021: Medicaid coverage.

For Americans who are already one crisis away from losing their house or not being able to put food on the table, the thought of a hospital bill keeps them from getting help when they need it. Medicaid is the only solution, but it’s not available to enough people who need it.

Millions of families go without health insurance every year because they make a little too much money to qualify for Medicaid and too little money to afford a plan on the Marketplace. If they or their kids need to go to the hospital today, they won’t be able to pay.

Medicaid expansion is an issue that Republicans seem to oppose simply because it was initiated by Democrats. They ignore that it is good for the people. They just don’t want to be part of helping Democrats, even when working together would help millions of Americans.  

This is one reason I’m running for Congress AND supporting my Democratic counterparts running for Texas state and local offices. We need to get past the politics of today’s GOP and move forward with helping our communities.

A Better Choice for TX-26 means fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves.

Every major study has found that Medicaid expansion reduces medical debt, increases utilization of hospitals and doctors’ offices, and improves access to necessary treatments. 

But when Gov. Abbott was asked about expanding Medicaid, he told reporters that Texans should get health insurance from their jobs.

It’s just not that simple. Less than HALF of Texas employers offer health insurance packages to workers, and employment without benefits has become standard across the country.

The way I see it, this issue is no different than Social Security and Medicare. Medicaid saves lives and provides support for families when they need it the most.

Our leaders in Texas won’t get the job done for the 69% of voters who support Medicaid expansion in our state, so it’s time to elect new leaders who will – up and down the ballot.

Thank you for your support,

Ernest Lineberger

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